Confirmed bugs

This file tries to list confirmed bugs in units, buildings and others. It won’t include interface glitches.

Definitely bugs

Enhanced AT-AP Walker (and possibly other units with splash damage) vs shields

The Enhanced AT-AP Walker takes a very long time to destroy shields, more than the unskinned AT-AP Walker. While this could be at a quick glance attributed to a modifier versus shields of +300% instead of +400%, the maths doesn’t hold as a shield takes 4 times more to be destroyed by the (supposedly) more powerful unit.

As detailed in the analysis below, the damage may be related to splash projectiles and shields. So this bug may also apply to other units with splash damage : Rebel Hailfire droid, AAT-1 Hover Tank and Rebel Vanguard at least, and their imperial counterparts Enhanced AT-MP Walker skin and Mobile Heavy Cannon, 2-M Hover Tank and Shock Trooper (plus the skins of the unskinned units that keep the splash damage).

(ResDog) Math seems to check out Shelendil. In the video, it takes the reg AT-AP 12 shots to kill the shield, and the enhanced 41 shots. Assuming that was a level 8 shield gen, with 83,900 health, 41 shots is 2,046/shot. Using Papa’s math, it should be doing 10,482/shot, but if you take 20% of the number, it’s 2,096/shot.

(Shelendil) For those values it would take 40.03 shots to kill.

Design bugs

A-A5 Speeder Truck and Imperial Troop Transport : Units without a prestige level

While this may be by design, a number of playable units don’t have a prestige level.

All mercenaries, all creatures have no prestige level.

The Rebel A-A5 Speeder Truck also has no prestige level, as well as the Imperial Troop Transport.

Older (fixed) bugs

Rebel V-4X-D Ski Speeder

The Rebel V-4X-D Ski Speeder has a displayed damage that is going down from level 9 to level 11 (instead of up) without any other stats increasing. The calculated damage increases from level 9 to 10, but drops at level 11 (below level 7).

The displayed damage was fixed in release 2007. So only the computed damage at level 11 has to be assessed and fixed (if found to be true). As of release 2014, the level 11 real damage was increased (by using the same inter-shot delay as level 10, and not a higher value, leading to slower shots) so all of this bug seems to be resolved.

Prestige medic droids/repair droids

The medic droid at level 11 doesn’t heal units beyond the one he locked on at level 11 (Prestige). The repair droid at level 11 is probably affected too.

Bug fixed as of update 2003. Also the same bug existed for dewbacks (and not banthas).

Imperial IDT Traps

The Imperial dropship trap at level 11 generates 5 stormtroopers instead of 4 heavy troopers. Only the Imperial faction suffers from this. See below for the Rebel IDT Trap.

Bug fixed as of update 2009 (with a non-fixing update in 2007).

Rebel IDT Traps

As expressed above, the Rebel IDT trap is only a bit healthier, costs more to rearm, but does not drop better troops.

Bug fixed as of update 2007.

Prestige A-Wings/TIE Advanced vs Shields

The A-wing at prestige level cannot pierce an imperial shield.

The situation is symmetric for Empire TIE Advanced vs rebel shields.

Bug fixed as of update 2007.