Units stats

This is an explanation as far as we know (since we do not have access to the source code of the application). Stats can be found in the units descriptions.

Note: This file has been far too neglected, but since I am playing with the DPS computation, I will explain a few things about this first. Then below, the old page.

Damage computation

The damage computation is pretty straightforward. The unit A shoots, the projectile hits unit B (or building, or whatever) and makes some damage.

Well, almost.

The unit A does not only “shoot”. It shoots according to a certain cycle. As far as the team knows, the cycle is decomposed in a few steps:

The current formula for the cycle duration is :


Main stats


All these numbers refer to how the unit shoots at others and especially how it chooses its target. If a unit has no target, it will pick one. Basically, if there are only targets in view range, then the strongest target preference indicate which unit is picked (if there is an equality, the closest is taken). If the preferred target is out of view range, then the preference is reduced by an unknown formula, but where the target in range modifier and the target preference strength play a role.






A lot of stats refer to the graphics or audio or other minor details of the unit that don’t influence the unit behaviour at all. They will not be listed here.